Multi cooker - smoker USP-1200S

Multi cooker - smoker USP-1200S

Easy operation: LED display

Power: 1100 W

Multistage protection

12 cooking programmes

2 years warranty
Cooking under pressure greatly reduces the cooking time. The system of automatic pressure relief ensures safety.
Unique appliance for kitchen — 3 in 1
  1. Three devices in one: multicooker, pressure cooker and smoker.
  2. The model is equipped with LED display.
  3. Microprocessor, sensor control. 12 automatic cooking programmes.
Hot and cold Smoking

Be confident in the quality and freshness the cooked of dishes.

Two pre-installed programs will allow you to keep the vitamins and nutrients. Mix and match or use them separately.

12 cooking programmes

  1. Rice
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Meat
  4. Fish
  5. Meat-jelly
  6. Warming up
  7. Bean
  8. Steamer
  9. Broiling
  10. Multi-Mode — a unique program having universal temperature and time range. On "Multi-Mode" you can cook almost any dish.
  11. Cold Smoking
  12. Hot Smoking


  • Delayed start (24 hours)
  • Maintaining the heat (24 hours)
2 bowls with ceramic coating

  • one for traditional dishes
  • The second for Smoking
2 silicone o-rings

  • one for traditional dishes
  • the second (dark) specially for Smoking
  • silicone o-ring for pressure valve;
  • plastic cover for bowls;
  • The grate for Smoking with 4 levels;
  • The grate for cooking for a couple;
  • container for the chips;
  • The bag of wood chips;
  • Measuring cup;
  • The plastic spoon;
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  • Power 1100 W
  • LED-display
  • The microprocessor, touch control
  • 12 automatic cooking programs (rice, porridge, meat, fish, aspic, Warming Up, Bean, Toasting, Multi-Mode, steamers, hot smoked, Cold smoking)
  • Cooking under pressure
  • Delayed start up to 24 hours
  • Maintain heat to 24 hours
  • Smoking function
  • Memory function
  • Audio signaling the end of the program
  • Removable bowl - 6 liters
  • Ceramic non-stick bowl
  • Stainless Steel
  • In this series